ANDERSON GERMANY is a project from DA Premium Cars UG which is specialized in top-class custom tuning of vehicles in the high end range. We do not have anything "off the shelf"; each of the vehicles which leave the ANDERSON halls is unique. ANDERSON GERMANY sets itself apart with a special design and the love to the detail. We produce everything which makes the car lover's heart skip a beat according to customer requirements You decide what your vehicle will look like.
We have customers all over the world, including athletes, stars and radio/TV celebrities, as they are convinced by ANDERSON GERMANY passion and commitment.

ANDERSON GERMANY simply offers you everything you can imagine for your dream car. Exclusive body kits, the highest level of interior upgrading, especially made carbon wheels, valve exhaust systems and performance enhancements are a part of our daily order. We offer our exclusive customers an "all-round service package" so to speak in that we would be pleased to obtain your required car, upgrade it and then deliver it to your home. We look forward to hear from you!